Affiliate Lab Review 2023 – Matt Diggity – Is It Worth The Money?

Affiliate Lab Review

Update 2023: The Affiliate Lab now offers a 30 day money back guarantee! You have nothing to lose! Get an inside look for 30 days and if you are not satisfied, you will be refunded all of your money!

I joined the Affiliate Lab in 2021 for the sole purpose of creating an Affiliate Lab Review so that I could show you around the course and give you some insight into whether it was worth the money or not.

I was very surprised at what I found:

Affiliate Lab Review at a Glance

Founder: Matt Diggity

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course

Rating: 4.5/5 

Price: $997 I have negotiated a deal for my readers to get $200 off using this link. Click here for $200 off!

Summary: The Affiliate Lab is a very comprehensive, yet easily understood affiliate marketing course that teaches everything you need to know in order to build and rank an affiliate website that you can sell for thousands of dollars. However, there are some issues that you should be aware of which I will address further down in the Affiliate Lab review.

Here are some of the topics that I will cover in the Affiliate Lab Review:

Affiliate Lab Review Topics

What is The Affiliate Lab?

What is the Affiliate Lab

The Affiliate Lab is a comprehensive affiliate marketing course that was created by Matt Diggity.

The Affiliate Lab teaches how to build, rank and monetize niche and authority websites which can be sold for thousands of dollars.

The average selling price for a revenue producing website as of the writing of this Affiliate Lab review is 20 to 40 times the monthly revenue of the site.

The Affiliate Lab consists of over 160 video lessons, not including bonuses.

Each video lessons will have a resources section below it that will include any checklists, excel sheets, or web addresses that you may need. 

I will go into this in much more detail in the Affiliate Lab review section titled "What is Inside The Affiliate Lab?"

Who is Matt Diggity?

Matt Diggity

Matt Diggity is a world renowned SEO that well known for building, monetizing and flipping niche websites for hundreds of thousands of dollars. [1]

Matt is also known for testing everything that he does in order to determine the best outcomes and the best way to do things for the optimal result.

He shares all of his tricks and techniques in The Affiliate Lab in a very organized and chronological manner.

I first met Matt back in 2016 when I started buying links from his link service called Diggity Links.

Matt started as an electrical engineer and was very unhappy in his job and life.

He began affiliate SEO in 2009 and in 2 short years he was able to quit his job and start a full time career in affiliate marketing.

The Affiliate Lab is Matt's baby where he shares all of his knowledge for others to be able to do what he has done and build a sustainable affiliate marketing business.

Affiliate Lab Review Video

Join me inside of The Affiliate Lab as I show you around the course and point out what I don't like about it.

Who is The Affiliate Lab Best Suited For?

Who is the affiliate lab best suited for

The Affiliate Lab is best suited for anyone that wants to learn how to build a website, rank that website on the first page of Google, monetize the website and get revenue flowing in, and then flip that website for 20 to 40 times its monthly revenue, even complete beginners.

Originally I thought that The Affiliate Lab wouldn't be very good for beginners because you would need at least some knowledge of how to start a website, but one of the bonuses included with The Affiliate Lab is another course called The Beginner Lab.

The Beginner Lab is a comprehensive, step by step course for the true beginner to learn exactly how to start a website from scratch.

I have been in the affiliate marketing business since 2007 and I thought that I might be pretty bored sitting through all of the lessons, but I was amazed at the things that I learned from The Affiliate Lab. [2]

What is Inside The Affiliate Lab?

Inside the Affiliate Lab

Once you log in to the Affiliate lab, you will find the 34 modules with over 150 video lessons and 7 bonus courses.

The Lab is organized so that students can learn how to build, rank and monetize a niche website step by step, from start to finish.

The navigation is excellent and it is very easy to follow along and see where you have left off.

Let's take a look inside The Affiliate Lab:

Module 1: Introduction

The first module consists of 5 videos that introduce you to the trainers and give a mile high view of what the Lab is all about.

The 5 videos are:

  • Introduction and Welcome (11:07)
  • The Most Important Lesson in This Training (5:16)
  • How to Join The Lab's Facebook Group (0:46)
  • How to Speed Up Videos (1:20)
  • The Six Figure Flipper Club (1:58)

The Six Figure Flipper Club is Lab members that have successfully sold websites for at least six figures.

There are currently 47 of them and growing!

Will you be next?

Module 2: Niche Selection

Niche selection is one of the most important steps in building a successful, money making website and the lab teaches exactly how to do it right, including an invaluable niche grading tool.

This module consists of 6 video lessons:

  • Introduction to Niche Selection (3:16)
  • Niche vs. Authority Sites (5:27)
  • Niche Hunting (13:04)
  • Niche Grading Tool (24:34)
  • Why We Don't Use Amazon (5:35)
  • How to Find Non Amazon Affiliate Programs (12:03)

Module 3: Onsite SEO - Domains and Hosting

  • Introduction (2:02)
  • Choosing a Domain Name (10:02)
  • Purchasing a Domain and Hosting (14:13)
  • NAP (1:36)

Module 4: Onsite SEO - Keyword Research

  • Introduction to Keyword Research (3:15)
  • The Recursive Keyword Research Process (8:38)
  • Gathering and Assigning Your Keywords (11:05)
  • Speeding Up The Process (4:18)
  • Website Documentation (Including Template) (11:17)
  • Finding Informational Content Ideas (2:10)

Module 5: Onsite SEO - Site Architecture

  • Site Architecture Foundation (5:36)
  • Silo Mastery (10:18
  • Topical Relevance (9:28)
  • Demo - Architecture and Interlinking (15:35)

Module 6: Onsite SEO - Content Building

  • The Importance of Quality Content (1:46)
  • Recommended Content Providers (7:47)
  • Content Length (2:43)
  • Content Requests (Including Template) (5:16)
  • Content Requests - TF*IDF Analysis (7:53)
  • Sub Topic Coverage (12:57)
  • Reviewing Your Content (3:27)

Module 7: Onsite SEO - Site Building (Single Page)

  • Introduction to Single Page Site Building (0:47)
  • Uploading Content (5:57)
  • How to Set Up Child Pages (2:04)
  • Where to Get Images and How to Upload (8:59)
  • Adding Videos on Your Pages (3:38)
  • Setting Up Your Tables and Lists (11:52)
  • Setting Up Your Table of Contents (5:23)
  • Thrive Architect Tips and Tricks (8:43)

Module 8: Onsite SEO - Site Building (Site Wide)

  • Introduction to Site Wide Site Building (1:31)
  • How to Choose a Theme (3:48)
  • How to Set Up Website Menus (6:51)
  • How to Set Up Your Sidebar (6:43)
  • Author Boxes and Attribution (8:33)
  • About, Contact, TOS Pages (3:23)
  • Setting Up Your SEO and XML Sitemap Plugins (3:01)
  • Indexing Onsite Pages (2:13)
  • How to Do an Ahrefs Audit (3:51)
  • How to Install Clicky (2:00)
  • How to Use Pro Rank Tracker (4:18)
  • Trust Factors (10:00)

Module 9: Onsite SEO - Onsite Optimization

  • Introduction to Onsite Optimization (2:02)
  • The Three Kings (11:47)
  • How to Avoid Topic Duplication (6:12)
  • Sub Headings (6:10)
  • Content Optimization and Keyword Density (12:03)
  • Bells and Whistles (10:41)
  • Schema (15:59)
  • TF IDF Optimization (9:41)
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) Optimization (9:18)
  • How to Use Surfer - Michal Suski Webinar (101:12)

Module 10: Onsite SEO - Featured Snippets

  • How to Steal Featured Snippets (11:16)
  • Webinar: Featured Snippet Mastery with Tom De Spiegelaere (37:20)
  • Ranking in Google Images (4:18)

Module 11: Onsite SEO - Affiliate Links

  • Creating Affiliate Links (2:04)
  • Link Cloaking (7:44)
  • How to Create Amazon Compliant Affiliate Links (3:02)

Module 12: Onsite SEO - Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) Primer (2:11)
  • Getting the Visitor to Stay On Your Page (8:49)
  • Getting the Visitor to Keep Reading Until They Get To Your CTAs (11:16)
  • Setting Up Your CTAs with Conversion Friendly Content (9:37)
  • Choosing the perfect CTAs (15:09)
  • Negotiating Higher Payouts (3:38)
  • Today's Date Plugin (8:01)
  • Creative Monetization (Part 1) (28:28)
  • Creative Monetization (Part 2) (33:37)
  • Click Through Rate Optimization (71:59)
  • Display Ads (20:10)

Module 13: Onsite SEO - Website Maintenance

  • Website Maintenance: What to do with Your Site After it is Built (0:42)
  • Fresh Content (6:32)
  • Keyword Grabbing (SEMrush) (5:25)
  • Finding New Content Ideas (7:45)
  • Content Updates and Rewrites (5:20)

Module 14: Offsite SEO - Creating a Google Persona

  • Introduction (2:31)
  • Creating a Google Persona (1:09)
  • Setting Up Your Gmail (3:49)
  • Google Search Console (8:00)

Module 15: Offsite SEO - Social Fortress Creation

  • Social Fortresses and Why You Need One (4:02)
  • Youtube Setup (2:18)
  • Facebook Setup (2:55)
  • Twitter Setup (2:21)
  • Gravatar Setup (3:48)
  • Pinterest Setup (4:27)
  • Diigo Setup (3:30)
  • Tumbler Setup (3:43)
  • Reddit Setup (3:46)
  • About.me Setup (4:43)
  • Indexing Offsite Links (2:00)
  • IFTTT (7:48)
  • Buying Likes and Follows (3:14)
  • How to Setup Social Metas and Open Graph Tags (5:31)

Module 16: Offsite SEO - Anchor Text Analysis

  • How to Determine Your Niche Specific Target Anchor Text (7:45)
  • Defining Anchor Types (5:45)
  • Demo: Determining Anchor Text Distribution (11:20)

Module 17: Offsite SEO - Local Citations

  • Using Local Citations For Affiliate Sites (4:04)
  • Geo-Tagging Images (0:57)
  • Ordering Local Citations (3:05)

Module 18: Offsite SEO - Social Signals

  • Social Signals and Their Role in Ranking (4:28)
  • How to Set Up A Social Signals Campaign on Microworkers (5:43)

Module 19: Offsite SEO - The Bulletproof Backlink Strategy

  • Introduction to the Bulletproof Backlink Strategy (6:20)
  • The Backlink Blueprint Timeline: Sandbox Phase (14:27)
  • The Backlink Blueprint Timeline: Trustworthy Phase (7:03)
  • The Backlink Blueprint Timeline: Authority Mode (5:41)
  • Setting Links and Anchors (9:55)
  • How to Deal with Anchor Text While Outreaching (5:40)
  • Putting it All Together (15:24)
  • Outreach Link Velocity (5:08)
  • Advanced Pillowing (6:02)
  • Skyscraper - Scaleable Outreach (3:52)
  • On Link Diversity (3:45)
  • Negotiating for Cheap Link Insertions (8:22)
  • The Social Proof Link Building Tactic (14:00)

Module 20: Offsite SEO - Optional: PBN Linking

  • Introduction to Backlinking with PBNs (Optional) (6:42)
  • Selecting a PBN Vendor (6:55)
  • For the PBN Owners... (10:18)
  • Toxicity (Expired vs Backordered vs Auction) (15:05)
  • When PBNs Don't Work: Optimization, Trust and Power (14:38)

Module 21: Offsite SEO - Tier 2 Link Building

  • The Basics of Tier 2 Link Building (4:20)
  • The Tier 2 Link Building Process (11:54)
  • Next Level Tier 2 Questions Answered (9:46)
  • How to Find Tier 2 Links of Your Competitors (5:13)

Module 22: Technical Audits

  • Introduction (1:05)
  • Google Search Console (7:46)
  • Negative SEO (7:43)
  • Technical Onpage and Offpage Audits (11:22)

Module 23: The Kitchen Sink

  • When Sites Get Stuck: The Kitchen Sink (2:26)
  • Site Size Explosions (8:09)
  • The "Setup" Technique (4:34)
  • Content and Markup Injections (4:15)
  • The Nitty Gritty (3:14)

Module 24: The Medic Buster

  • Medic Buster Update

Module 25: The Authority Site Module: Authority Module Introduction

  • Authority Module Introduction (8:18)

Module 26: The Authority Site Module: Building Authority Sites

  • Naming Authority Sites (1:55)
  • Basic Authority Site Structure (9:54)
  • Advanced Authority Site Structure (12:32)
  • Authority Site Examples (10:13)
  • Content for Authority Sites (7:23)

Module 27: The Authority Site Module: Backlinks for Authority Sites

  • Authority Site Backlinks Considerations (3:29)
  • What Links to Use and Where (11:23)

Module 28: The Authority Site Module: What to do When You Hit Authority Mode

  • What to do When You Hit Authority Mode (4:20)

Module 29: The Authority Site Module: Authority Site Pitfalls

  • Authority Site Pitfalls (12:37)

Module 30: The Authority Site Module: The Influencer Pitch: Building Real E-A-T

  • The Influencer Pitch: Building Real E-A-T (12:42)

Module 31: What's Next?

  • In Closing (3:19)
  • Scaling Multiple Affiliate Sites (18:47)

Module 32: Bonus

  • Sleep Hacking (21:50)
  • A Six Figure Flip Story (CMSEO 2018 Presentation) (54:26)
  • Eric Lancheres on the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update (39:07)
  • Matt Diggity on the December 2020 Core Algorithm Update (23:47)

As you can see, the curriculum in The Affiliate Lab is quite extensive and all topics are covered in detail.

Being a member of The Affiliate Lab also gives you access to a number of other high quality courses.

Bonuses: Other Courses Included With The Affiliate Lab Membership

The Beginner's Lab

The Beginners Lab

The Beginners Lab takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the process of building your first website.

As far as I'm concerned, this course makes it possible for anyone to be successful in The Affiliate Lab, even complete beginners.

Website Flipping Master Class

Website Flipping Masterclass

This course takes you through the process of flipping a website and answers all of the questions that you may have, helping you to avoid the pitfalls that you may encounter when selling a website.

The Truth About Penalties

The Truth About Penalties

If you are in the Affiliate Marketing Business long enough and you are not careful, you will eventually face a Google penalty.

This course will help you to avoid the penalties and also gives great information on how to recover from a Google Penalty. [3]

Outreach Masterclass

Outreach Masterclass

Getting high quality, relevant backlinks is a large part of the process of ranking an affiliate website.

This course will help you master the outreach technique for getting other websites to link to your content.

Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

Affiliate Email Marketing Masterclass

If you are not building an email list with your website, then you are leaving money on the table.

This course will teach you how to collect emails and keep your subscribers engaged and buying your products.

The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

The Affiliate Portfolio Playbook

If you do everything right, you are eventually going to need help in your affiliate marketing business.

This course will teach you how to scale your business and hire the help that you need. It also teaches you how to assume a management role in your business. [4]

There is tremendous value provided in The Affiliate Lab.

In the next section, I will review the pros and cons of The Affiliate Lab

What I Like About The Affiliate Lab?

I have been through many Affiliate Marketing courses over the course of my 15+ years in the affiliate marketing business and The Affiliate Lab is definitely the best that I have come across.

Here are some of the things that I like about the course:

  • It is a lifetime membership and the content is frequently updated as is warranted.
  • There is extensive coverage of niche selection, which in my opinion is one of the most important factors in determining your success as an affiliate marketer.
  • There is also extensive coverage in keyword research, which is a close second to niche selection in determining success or failure.
  • I love the section on featured snippets as this section has helped me to steal quite a few in different niches.
  • The video lessons are very well done and on point. There is no fluff like you find in some courses. There is nothing worse than sitting through an hour long video that could have taken 15 minutes.
  • The course is very comprehensive. I can't think of anything that should have been covered and wasn't.
  • The Link Building Modules alone are worth the price of admission.
  • The Facebook group is very active with questions and answers that we all face while building an affiliate marketing business.

Even though there are many thinks that I like about The Affiliate Lab, there are also some things that I don't like.

What I Don't Like About The Affiliate Lab?

  • The Cost. It is expensive, but I guess the term: "You get what you pay for" applies here.
  • Some of the training uses premium tools that are very expensive and the average student is not going to be able to pay for them. There is a workaround by searching for SEO group buys, but that is not ideal.
  • I feel like there should have been more time spent on creating fake personas. Where to get phone numbers to verify Google accounts and that kind of stuff.
  • Does not include a website and Hosting like Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Even though the course is updated frequently, some of the lessons could still use updating. For instance, IFTTT is no longer a free service.

The Affiliate Lab Support

The Affiliate Lab Facebook Group

The Affiliate Lab support is in the form of a private Facebook group for members only.

There are thousand of successful affiliate marketers in the group to learn from.

The group is very active and questions are answered very quickly.

I've also noticed that if Matt Diggity is tagged in the question he will weigh in with either the answer, or tag the appropriate person to give the answer.

Overall, I would say that the support is very good.

How Much Does The Affiliate Lab Cost?

The Affiliate Lab Costs $997, but I have negotiated a special price for my readers.

If you buy through my link, you will get $200 off the regular price, so your final price would be $797.

That is more than 20% off for my readers.

Yes, it is expensive, but you are getting tremendous value for your money.

Affiliate Lab Review Final Thoughts

I have tried to objectively rate the good points and bad points of the course for this Affiliate Lab review.

I am uniquely qualified to review and rate affiliate marketing courses because I have been in the affiliate marketing business since 2007.

I have taken many such courses over that period of time and I can honestly say, without hesitation, that this is the best affiliate marketing course that I have come across yet.

Yes, it is expensive, but it is a small price to pay for an education that can help you to make hundreds of thousands of dollars if you implement what you learn.

The problem for most people is that they are not action takers.

They may buy the course and they may even go through all of the training, but then they fall short in implementing what they have learned.

My advice is to grab the course while it is still available.

Go through each and every lesson, taking notes and actually learning the lessons.

Then take action and implement each of the lessons on your website.

If you do these things completely, and do them well, you can be the next member of The Six Figure Flipper Club!


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