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First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review

Hey guys, JV here. Thanks for checking out my First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review, Also known as FIMP.

As you guys know, I only review programs that I have actually used, so yes, I paid the $297 to join FIMP so that I could create a real First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review and give you an inside look from a REAL member.

Fimp started out as Free Internet Marketing Project and was later improved upon and repackaged as First Time Internet Marketing Profits.

Some of the FIMP reviews still out there today are reviewing the old free program.

This FIMP Review is going to focus on the paid program, First Time Internet Marketing Profits.

If you are wondering if FIMP is right for you, this First Time Internet Marketing Profits review will answer all of your questions and by the time you finish reading it, you will know whether or not you should join.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review Summary

Product Name: First Time Internet Marketing Profits or FIMP

Website: stoppingscams.com/FIMP/

Product Type: Video training program designed to help beginners build an internet marketing business without a lot of start up costs.

Price: $297

Summary: In depth video training that is very comprehensive, covering all of the topics necessary to start an internet marketing business.

Final Verdict: Recommended, with exceptions. See below.

What Is First Time Internet Marketing Profits or FIMP?


First Time Internet Marketing Profits is a training program consisting of videos and video transcripts, designed to teach beginners how to build an online business without a lot of startup costs.

It was created by Ian Pribyl and started out as Free Internet Marketing Project, or FIMP

After Ian had some positive feedback on the project, he improved upon the program and repackaged it as a paid program called First Time Internet Marketing Profits, still utilizing the same FIMP acronym.

Who Is Ian Pribyl?

Ian Pribyl

Ian Pribyl is an internet marketer from Austin Texas. He is well known for his website StoppingScams.com.

He has also written and published the book, From Nothing, which seeks to teach you everything you need to profit from affiliate marketing, internet marketing, blogging, online business, e-Commerce and more starting with less than $100.


Similar to FIMP.

From Nothing

He is a likable guy that comes across as very genuine on video.

Ian is trying to break the mold of gurus in the Internet Marketing industry by teaching real, actionable concepts for making money online in a thorough manner that leaves nothing out.

Unlike most gurus in the industry, who intentionally leave you in the dark, so that they can scam you out of more money for the answers.

Ian started his internet marketing journey at the ripe old age of 16. He purchased many "make money online" ebooks that turned out to be scams, but in the process he came out with an education in the industry.

Much like myself!

Ian failed many times along the way, but he also found success.

He hates the fact that our industry is filled with so called gurus that are just interested in taking your money, so he set out to change that by providing real value and teaching real skills that actually work. 

You can learn more about Ian Pribyl by clicking here.

How Does First Time Internet Marketing Profits Work?

Ian Pribyl Internet Marketing

First Time Internet Marketing Profits works by teaching you step by step how to build an online business with a niche website.

It begins by teaching some of the concepts that you will need to understand in order to be successful and takes you through building your online business step by step, in depth, as you progress through the course.

I found my way to FIMP by going through Ian's webinar sales funnel. It was very effective and a very good webinar.

Let's take a look at the tools and training inside of First Time Internet Marketing Profits so that you will develop a better understanding of how FIMP works.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review of the Tools and Training

FIMP Concept and Planning

First Time Internet Marketing Profits consists of 12 modules with video training and transcripts to accompany the videos.

Ian does a great job of building a solid foundation in the early videos and then continually building on the concepts that he has taught.

There are more than 18 hours of video along with downloadable transcripts.

The training is similar in topic to my #1 recommended program.

Let's take a look at the 12 modules:

1. First Module - How to Get the Most Out of FIMP

This module consists of one video where Ian explains exactly what is required for you to get the most out of the First Time Internet Marketing Profits course.

This is required watching because you will need to understand these concepts in order to utilize the rest of the program.

2. Second Module - The ONLY Way Anyone Gets Rich Online

The second module consists of two separate videos that cover making money online in detail.

The two videos are:

  1. How to Use This Course to Build a Six Figure Internet Business.
  2. The ONLY Four Paths to Wealth Online.

These videos go into immense detail on the subjects, but here is a summary

The only 4 paths to wealth online:

  • Content Based Business
  • Service Based Business
  • e-Commerce Business
  • Selling Your Own Digital Products

The 3 core competencies needed to succeed:

  • Getting the most money out of your traffic (content based business and digital product sales).
  • Getting high quality labor cheap (service oriented business)
  • Getting high quality products cheap (e-Commerce or physical products business)

That is a very brief synopsis of the second module.

3. Third Module - FIMP Bonuses

This module contains the First Time Internet Marketing Bonuses that are designed to help you build your own online business while making your way through the course.

The FIMP bonuses are all downloadable PDFs.

Bonuses include:

  • "Escape The Quicksand" Implementation Plan
  • 10 Examples of Successful Sites (NONE Related to Making Money Online)
  • Webinar Bonus: 60 Ways to Promote Your Blog
  • Links & Useful Resources
  • 2020 Roadmap for Success
  • Facebook Community Rules

There are some really useful bonuses here that can be very helpful to students of the program.

4. Fourth Module - Essential Mindset Training for Success

Ian works on the principle that when you are building something that you want to last, the most important part is the foundation.

In this module he continues to focus on building the foundation of a real, online business.

Videos include:

  1. The Only Way to Guarantee Your Success Online
  2. What to Expect in the Coming Weeks
  3. How to Guarantee you achieve your goals

In these videos, you will learn:

  • The one common trait in every successful internet marketer.
  • How to set realistic expectations.
  • How to set realistic goals.
  • And Much More!

5. Fifth Module - Picking and Polishing the Perfect Niche

This module is quite extensive at almost three hours of training, and it should be, because choosing a niche is one of the most difficult parts of building an online business for most beginners.

Get this part wrong and you will be right back here to start all over again.

Videos include:

  • Unearthing the Perfect Niche For You
  • Broad Niches vs Narrow Niches; What's too Narrow?
  • Are You Dealing with a Buying Audience?
  • How Scared Should you be of Competition?
  • Painless Internet Marketing Economics
  • Good Niche, Bad Niche - A Breakdown of Multiple Example Niches
  • Making Sense of the Tornado Inside Your Head, and When to Move on

This by far the most comprehensive training that I have seen on choosing a niche.

One of the concepts is that you will thrive in a niche where you can bring the most value, and Ian provides massive value in this module.

6. Sixth Module - “The Foundation” — Building Your Website

In this module you will learn how to build your website starting from choosing and registering your perfect domain name and covering every step getting your site ready for content.

There is almost 4 hours of step by step training.

Videos include:

  • Winter Is Coming — Preparing for Website Setup and Design
  • The Anatomy of a Perfect Domain Name
  • The Best Place to Register Your Domain Names
  • Securing Hosting for Your Website
  • Linking Your Domain Name and Hosting Account
  • Why WordPress Is the ONLY Platform You Should Use
  • How to Install WordPress in Less Than 5 Minutes
  • Stripping All of the Default Crap from WordPress
  • Setting Your Business Up for Profit in WordPress
  • Yoast's Settings Have Moved — How to Find and Change Them
  • Choosing Your Theme and Crucial Design Tips
  • Creating Your Site’s “Core Content” and Menu
  • Setting Up Google Analytics and GSC for All Kinds of Helpful Data

Once again Ian provides massive value and covers each of these topics in depth.

7. Seventh Module - “The Frame” — Lethal Keyword Research

Now that we have built the foundation, we will move on to the frame. This module deals with keyword research and it is extensive.

More than 3 hours covering both free and premium keyword research tools.

Videos include:

  • How Keyword Research Will Make or Break Your Entire Business
  • The Anatomy of a “Perfect” Keyword
  • How We Use Keywords to Ignite Our Content
  • Qualified Traffic vs. Unqualified Traffic
  • Finding Keywords Using Free Keyword Tools
  • Finding Keywords Quicker and More Easily Using Premium Keyword Tools
  • Long Tail Pro Deep Dive — Hunting Down Low Competition Keywords

Ian knocks it out of the park again with some really high quality keyword research training.

8. Eighth Module - Writing Content That Gets Ranked

As you can see, each module at First Time Internet Marketing Profits builds on the last.

Now it is time to build out the inside of our online business by focusing on creating high quality content.

This module contains 2 hours of training.

Videos include:

  • “Inch Wide, Mile Deep” — How to Create High-Quality Content
  • Preparing Content and Creating an Outline
  • How to Format Content for the Web
  • Where to Find High-Quality, Free Royalty-Free Images
  • Everything You Need to Know About On-Page SEO
  • How Often to Post New Content
  • An Over-the-Shoulder Tour of High-Quality Content Creation
  • When Do the Rankings Come?

High quality training on exactly how a successful internet marketer goes about content creation.

9. Ninth Module - How to Promote Your Website and Get Traffic

Now that we have started building out the inside of our online business (website), this module will teach us how to start building the outside.

This module features one hour of training.

Videos include:

  • The “Post and Pray” Method — The Simplest Time-Tested Path to Success
  • Social Media (For What It’s Worth)
  • Video Marketing
  • Discussing Automated Traffic and Traffic Networks
  • A Brief Discussion About Paid Traffic and Who Should Pursue It
  • Other Excellent Resources

There is a lot of great training here, but I felt like Ian could have done more with this module.

10. Tenth Module - Now How the Hell Do I Make Money?

This module focuses on when to monetize your website and consists of one 45v minute video.

  • When and How to Monetize Your Content

Again I feel like Ian could have done more with this module.

Especially after seeing how thourough and in depth his other modules were.

11. Eleventh Module - An In-Depth Guide to White-Hat Linkbuilding

One of the ranking factors for Google is backlinks. In this module, you will learn the right way to build backlinks so that Google sees your website as an authority in your niche.

There is over 2 hours of backlink training.

Videos include:

  • Introduction to White-Hat Backlinks
  • Understanding Search Engine Algorithms & NOT Getting Punished
  • How to Research & Create a "Link Magnet"
  • What Kind of Links Should You Be Going For?
  • Finding and Compiling Links You Want Using the Skyscraper Method
  • Reaching Out to Get Backlinks (Skyscraper Method)
  • Introduction to Broken Linkbuilding
  • How to Find Resources & Links Pages with Broken Links
  • How to Use the "Done for You" Template for Broken Linkbuilding

There are also a couple of great downloadable templates in this module.

  1. Backlink Outreach Templates & Spreadsheet
  2. Broken Linkbuilding Outreach Templates & Spreadsheet

This is some great training. I even learned a few things and I have been at this for more than 13 years!

12. Twelfth Module - A Step-By-Step Guide to Perfect Video Marketing

There is more than one way to create content and video is rapidly becoming a popular way for people to consume content.

In this module you will learn how to create video content that your visitors will love.

There is almost 2 hours of training on this topic.

Videos include:

  • Three Impossible-to-Overlook Reasons Why EVERYONE Should Use Video Marketing
  • The Mindset to Set You Up for Success with Video Marketing
  • A Basic Video Marketing Setup that Will Put You Miles Ahead of the Competition
  • How to Capture High-Quality Screen Recordings (for Free!)
  • YouTube Video SEO — How to Get Your Videos Ranked on YouTube
  • How to Direct Link to Affiliate Offers from Your YouTube Videos
  • Bringing All of this Together & What Videos to Create

Another great module that I learned a lot from.

That is a rundown of all of the tools and training inside of First Time Internet Marketing Profits.

As you can see, it is very extensive.

Who Is First Time Internet Marketing Profits Best For?

Who is First Time Internet Marketing Profits Best For best for

As I was going through the course, I was pretty sure that it was best for beginners because there is a lot of very fundamental training.

When I got deeper into the trainings, i realized that I was learning a few things and I have been in affiliate marketing for more than 13 years.

That being said, I think that First Time Internet Marketing Profits is best for someone that wants to start an internet marketing business on a very small budget.

It will certainly benefit others, but I believe that this is  the person it is best suited to help.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Support

All of the support for First Time Internet Marketing Profits is done through the private facebook group.

Ian is very active in the group and there are some very strict rules to abide by, which keeps the group helpful and spam free.

Ian also provides you with his email so that you can contact him directly if necessary, but the first place for support is the FIMP facebrook group.

What I Like About FIMP

Thumbs Up

I love how thorough the training is at FIMP. Ian has obviously worked hard putting all of this training together.

I also like that he starts the program off by focussing on mindset. I feel that this is very important and often overlooked in online business.

I like the way that the training is designed for each lesson to build upon the last. It is the exact same way that we were all taught in school.

I like Ian. I think he fills his roll as teacher very well, in a goofy, fun loving sort of way. His personality makes it easier to get through some of the boring stuff.

I like that the training is very easy to understand, even though it covers some very complex concepts.

I like that Ian provides massive value compared to most of the other training in the internet marketing industry.

I think it is a very comprehensive course that fills a niche very well, but it is not perfect.

Let's take a look at what I don't like about Fimp.

What I Don't Like About FIMP

Thumbs Down

While there is a lot to like about FIMP, I do have some issues with the program.

The thing that bothered me the most about FIMP is Ian's tendency to ramble. I think it is one of the traits that makes him likable, but I felt like a lot of the training could have been half as long. Of course it may have been because I was already very familiar with most of the concepts that he was teaching, so I was eager for him to move on to the next concept.

I also don't like the fact that hosting is a separate expense and Bluehost is the recommended host. I get that it is recommended because it is cheap, but you get what you pay for. My #1 recommended training program includes managed WordPress hosting.

I'm also not crazy about the interface. I feel there is room for improvement in the user experience field. It is difficult to see where you left off, and the navigation is less than stellar.

The other thing that I didn't like about FIMP is that it was difficult to find the login page. Several times I had to go back and look for the original email to find the right login page.

That being said, I think the pros outweigh the cons for First Time Internet Marketing Profits.

First Time Internet Marketing Profits Review – Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Ian has worked extremely hard and has created a very valuable training program that is going to help a lot of people build a successful online business.

The main issue that I have with First Time Internet Marketing Profits is that it is only training.

You have to go elsewhere for domains, hosting, keyword tool and much more.

I definitely recommend FIMP for the training, but if you are looking for an all in one solution for building your online business, you need to check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

I hope that I have provided you some value in my First Time Internet Marketing Review. That is always my goal and it is one of the reasons for my success in internet marketing.

If you decide to join FIMP, I will see in the Facebook group!

Thanks for stopping by,


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