Sell Niches Bundle Review

Sell Niches Bundle Review

Hey guys, thanks for checking out my Sell Niches Bundle Review!

There are many different ways to make money online and even though I now focus my business on affiliate marketing, there was a time when I sold physical products online to make money.

I first started my internet business 13 years ago by selling products on ebay.

The most difficult part of that business model was finding the right products to sell.

I wish that I had the Sell Niches Bundle back then!

Today I still have readers and students at Wealthy Affiliate asking about selling physical products online, so I headed over to the Sell Niches website and picked up the product so I could create a Sell Niches Bundle Review for all of you.

It is a lot of material, so it took me about a week to go through everything and work through implementing the training so that i could see the result.

Here's what I found.

What Is The Sell Niches Bundle?

The Sell Niches Bundle is a digital training product that teaches you how to go through the whole process of finding the right products to sell online in order to give your business the best chance of succeeding.

What is sell niches bundle

There are actually 4 different products that make up the Sell Niches Bundle.

  • Simple Market Research Manual
  • Unique Niche Ideas and Drilldown Charts
  • Spreadsheets
  • Research Center Access

The spreadsheets that come with the Sell Niches Bundle are fully formatted so that all you have to do is put in the data from your research and you are ready to see the results.

This alone is worth the price of admission!

Speaking of price, at the time of this writing, I paid $50 for the Sell Niches Bundle.

Sell Niches Price

Who Created The Sell Niches Bundle?

The Sell Niches Bundle was created by Matt Hedges owner of Idea Time LLC.

Matt got his start in the online business world by working for Chris Malta at Worldwide brands as a lead researcher.

His job was to find the real wholesalers offering products to sell online, in a sea full of fakes. 

He has spent long days researching online, visiting tradeshows and conventions, calling, emailing and even visiting wholesalers trying to track down the real suppliers and the best products to sell online. 

He has taken all of that research and knowledge and compiled it all into the Sell Niches Bundle.

Alright, that's enough about Matt Hedges.

Let's get on with the Sell Niches Bundle Review!

From here I am going to break down the Sell Niches Bundle Review into 4 sections so that you can get a full understanding of each section before you decide whether or not the Sell Niches Bundle is right for you.

Those four sections are:

  1. Simple Market Research Manual
  2. Unique Niche Ideas and Drilldown Charts
  3. Spreadsheets
  4. Research Center Access

Simple Market Research Manual

Simple Market Research Manual

The Simple Market Research Manual is designed to teach you how to do market research from start to finish in a step by step manner that is easy to understand.

It consists of two parts:

  1. Part 1 consists of Lessons - These lessons cover all aspects of the market research process so that you have a complete understanding of the process before you move on to part 2.
  2. Part 2 consists of Tutorials - The tutorials teach you exactly how to do the research that you learned about in the lessons.

Here is a detailed explanation of what you are going to find in the Simple Market Research Manual:

Part 1. Basic Training Lessons

Basic Training

Lesson 1 - Keyword Research Basics

Keyword Research Basics

Some really good basic keyword research training including how to do advanced research in the search engines by adding quotes and characters to your search in order to find phrase match, exact match, positive-negative match, include-exclude, etc.

Also how to find root keywords, related keywords, vertical keywords and lateral keywords, and the importance of creating a comprehensive keyword list.

 As you will find, keywords are going to be essential to the success of your online business.

Lesson 2 - What Products Should I Research?

Lesson 2

Product selection is arguably one of the most important parts of running a successful business.

You pick the wrong products to sell and your new business becomes a money drain instead of a money machine

One of the most important lessons taught is what not to sell and why. This is just as important as learning what you should sell.

The fact is that all products cost money to sell.

Some products cost much more than others to sell due to competition.

Unless you have a huge budget, you should not try to compete with the big boys.

The training spells out six categories that you should avoid as a new business and they contain some of the most popular products sold online.

That's the bad news…

The good news is that there are thousands and thousands of products that are not in those categories that can also be sold online.

Lesson 3 - Demand Research Basics

Demand Research

This lesson focusses on researching what I call “buying” keywords.

These are the terms that people are searching on the internet when they are looking to buy something as opposed to searching keywords looking for information about a product.

Lesson 4 - Competition Research Basics

Competition Research

This lesson helps you to understand that there is competition for every product available to sell and how to distinguish between high competition and low competition.

It also includes a Competition 7 Point Inspection Checklist - 7 things to look at in order to determine the quality of the competition.

Lesson 5 - Pricing Research Basics

Pricing Research

This lesson covers how to figure your actual cost of products, not just the wholesale price, as well as: 

  • How to get the best wholesale prices.
  • How to spot fake wholesalers.
  • How to setup a real wholesale account.
  • How to register a business.
  • And More.

Lesson 6 - Advertising Research Basics

Competition Research

When your online business is just getting started, you are going to have to use advertising to get traffic to your products.

This lesson covers the basics of PPC (pay per click) advertising and finding products with low cost advertising potential.

That covers the lessons in the Simple Market Research Manual. Now let's take a look at the tutorials.

Part 2. Tutorials

Step by step Tutorials

In this section we are going to take what we learned in the lessons above and implement it by actually doing the research and entering the data into the spreadsheets.

Preparation - Before You Get Started

Research Preparation

This section sets you up for the rest of the tutorials by showing you:

  • The smart way to research products and sources versus the hard way.
  • Where to find the best real wholesalers.
  • Where to find the contact information for manufacturers.
  • And More.

Sheet Setup and Wholesale Check

Setup and Wholesale check

This section covers the exact step by step method for setting up your spreadsheet and entering the correct information, complete with a checklist to make sure that you got it right.

Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This tutorial shows how to do the keyword research and record your findings properly in your spreadsheet.

Again with a checklist at the end so you can be 100% sure that you have done it correctly.

Competition Research

Competition research tutorial

This section covers how to research your competition so that you can find products that have the easiest markets to break into, and then adding that information into your spreadsheet.

Summary - Research Tutorials

Research Summary

This section sums up the research tutorials and makes sure that you have completed everything correctly so that your research spreadsheet will work.

By this point, you will have:

  • Selected Niche Products to Research
  • Verified That There Are Wholesalers For Them
  • Setup a Research Spreedsheet
  • Setup a Bing Keyword Planner
  • Analyzed Keywords to Find the Best
  • Created Your Keyword List
  • Analyzed Competitors Online
  • Filled Out Competition Spreadsheet
  • Entered their Quality, Retail and Shipping

Compare Your Research Results

Compare Your Findings

This section will teach you exactly how to compare your research results, including which sections are most important.

It covers what a good profit margin is, potential for add on products and cost of advertising comparisons.

By the time you finish this section, you will be well equipped to research products and confidently choose the best products to sell online.

The Simple Market Research manual is very well laid out and all of the concepts are explained in layman's terms, so that they are very easy to understand.

Now , let's continue with the Sell Niches Bundle review and take a look at the Unique Niche Ideas and Drilldown Charts.

Unique Niche Ideas and Drilldown Charts

Unique Niches and Drill Down Charts

Unique Niche Ideas

Unique Niche Ideas is a collection of product niche ideas that could be profitable markets for new online sellers to break into.

If you’re not sure what to sell you can use this flip thru guide as a starting point for your research or to spark even more niche market ideas. 

The guide is 18 pages of specific niche product ideas that you can sell today as a new online seller.

Pure gold!

Drill Down Charts

You can use the Sell Niches Drill Down Charts to find hundreds of Niche Ideas and micro niches to research.

You can also use the Charts as inspiration to uncover niche markets that aren't listed.

There are thousands of possibilities.

The key to finding Niche Market Ideas is ‘drilling down’ at least 3 levels: Main Category > Sub Category > Niche Idea and the charts walk you through the process step by step.

Sell Niches Spreadsheets

Sell Niches Spreadsheets

The Sell Niches Spreadsheets come already formatted so that all you have to do is insert the specific data from your research.

After you’ve collected your research, the summary page automatically compiles your research findings into simple charts to make comparing your research easier than ever before.

They come with a Research Sheet User Guide that walks you step by step through the process of finding and entering the data into its specific spot on the spreadsheet.

The spreadsheets are what makes the Sell Niches Bundle work flawlessly for anybody.

Sell Niches Research Center

Sell Niches Research Center

The Sell Niches Research Center is where you will find video tutorials for each lesson and tutorial explained above.

It is also where you will find research tools and have access to download more Sell Niches Spreadsheets as you need them.

The Sell Niches Research Center rounds out the Sell Niches Bundle.

Sell Niches Bundle Review Final Thoughts

The reason most people fail at selling products online is because they use the system of throwing stuff at the wall to see what sticks.

This is not the way to build a successful online business and it can be a very costly mistake.

The key to successfully selling products online lies in your ability to find the right products to sell.

The Sell Niches Bundle makes the process very easy.

If you are considering selling physical products online, my advice is to pick up the Sell Niches Bundle.

It will save you tons of time and headaches and it will be the best $50 you will ever spend on your business.

I hope that you have found value in my Sell Niches Bundle Review. Please leave your questions and comments below.

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