GetResponse Review 2023 – Is It the Best For You?

GetResponse Review

In today's GetResponse review I will give you an in depth look at this email marketing solution so that you can determine if it is right for you. 

I am sure that you have heard the term, "The money is in the list".

You need to find an effective, easy to use email marketing solution that doesn't break the bank.

Here's the problem...

There are so many email marketing solutions out there that it is difficult to find one that meets your needs and your budget.

Let's get into this GetResponse Review and see if this email marketing company can meet your needs and goals for your business.

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What is GetResponse?

GetResponse is a program for email marketing, and it is designed to:

  • Create newsletters
  • Host and import a mailing list
  • Capture data on a mailing list
  • Analyze statistics, forwards, click through, open rate and aspects of your email marketing
  • Use autoresponders to automate email to your subscribers
  • GetResponse also provides landing page and webinar hosting capabilities
  • CRM Solutions(customer relationship management)

Here is a great video that explains exactly what GetResponse is all about

GetResponse Pricing

GetResponse pricing is very similar to others in the email marketing autoresponder market.

You can see the pricing of their competitors in our Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Autoresponder.

There are 3 levels, Email, Pro and Max. The pricing structure is as follows.





Up to 1000




Up to 2,500




Up to 5,000




Up to 10,000




Up to 25,000




Up to 50,000




Discounts are available for those who make a 12 or 24 month upfront payment. The discount rate is 18% and 30%, and this tells you right away that it is more affordable than competing products.

GetResponse Review of the Plans

The Email, Pro and Max all provide the following:

  • Tools for social sharing
  • Several options for segmentation 
  • Blog to email and RSS functions 
  • Detailed reporting 
  • Split testing
  • Responsive email functionality 
  • Autoresponder functionality
  • Lots of templates 
  • Email database hosting and importing 

There are differences however. 

Landing pages with unlimited views and split tests are only available in Pro and Max plans.

The Email plan only has 1 user account and the Pro 3. You get 5 accounts for the Max and 10 for Enterprise.

The Email plan has no webinars feature. The Pro plan allows for 100 webinars and 500 for Max. 

GetResponse Review of the Free Trial

GetResponse has an awesome free trial. They let you try the program for 30 days free. There are no function limitations or restrictions.

For 30 days you get to use all of its features, a good deal so you’ll now if it’s the right one for your campaign or not.

You don’t need to provide credit card information during the free trial period. Just follow the simple instructions and your free trial starts right away.

The best part of the GetResponse free trial is a complete email marketing course that is provided free!

I have taken this course and I can tell you that it is one of the best email marketing courses available today.

And at no charge!

If you get nothing else from this GetResponse Review, it should be that you sign up for the FREE trial!

Here is a video that will explain the list building course that is available with the GetResponse Free Trial

Signing Up

The process is easy.

  1. Just submit a real email address along with your name. 
  2. Click the activation link they send. 
  3. Provide your mobile phone number and confirm the code that will be sent to you. 

Now that you know what GetResponse costs, let's take a look at what features are included in the cost.

GetResponse vs Aweber

Id like to take a minute to compare these two autoresponder companies.

Let me tell you a true story...

When I first started building my online business with Wealthy Affiliate, I was looking for an autoresponder company for my email marketing. I was faced with the decision of Aweber or GetResponse.

So I signed up for the free trial at both of the websites.

I immediately received a welcome email from GetResponse and literally never received anything from Aweber!

How could I possibly trust Aweber to send a welcome email to my subscribers when they couldn't even send a welcome email to their own subscribers!

Needless to say, I stayed with GetResponse and have been with them ever since.

In all fairness, I know many successful online marketers that use Aweber, so maybe my experience was not the norm.

For an in depth comparison of GetResponse vs Aweber as well as GetResponse vs Mailchimp visit The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Autoresponder.

GetResponse Review of the Features

GetResponse offers a whole host of high quality features designed to help you with your email marketing and more.

Let's take a look...


This feature provides your subscribers with newsletters at the intervals you set. You can set the interval so a subscriber is sent a newsletter immediately after subscribing.

Your subscriber may be sent a welcome message, and after 5 days your subscriber receives a product offer.

After a week the autoresponder sends an email encouraging them to follow you on Twitter, Facebook etc.

Among the functions of the autoresponder are:

  • Send action or time based messages
  • Cycles can be used for time based options
  • Actions of a user can be used to set off action based messages, i.e. user data change clicks, birthdays, finished transactions, contact preference modifications and lit subscriptions 

The marketing automation lets you use a drag and drop mechanism to generate an automated workflow. This feature allows you to create a flowchart that tells the program what it has to do when a user performs an action.

It is this type of function that sets GetResponse apart from the rest. For functionality and versatility, it is hard to match and beat.

The autoresponder is set up in a grid system using the days of the month which makes it very easy to use.

Here is a pic of one of my GetResponse autoresponders.

GetResponse Autoresponder

Split Testing

The split testing feature lets you do a split test on a maximum of 5 messages.

This is superior to the others that are being offered in the market today. 

Email Design Functionality

GetResponse was one of the first to offer support for mobile devices. Meaning, the newsletter automatically conforms to a mobile device layout if accessed from there.

A lot of newsletter apps now support this feature, but GetResponse is still the best when it comes to this feature.

Just press the mobile preview option and you’ll see what it will look like if viewed on a mobile phone.

You can also tweak the preview and get an idea of what the newsletter looks like in landscape or portrait mode.

Templates for Newsletters

The GetResponse templates are nothing short of amazing. They are easy to customize. 

You can modify the images, layouts and fonts via the simple controls.

If you know how to import codes you’ll be able to make your own HTML layout and save it as a template.

There are more than 700 templates built in. They are organized in different categories so it’s easy to find the specific type you need.

For a beginner, GetResponse makes things easy: just choose a template, tweak it if you like and it’s ready to use.

Because there are hundreds of templates to choose from, there is no need to buy costly templates, though you can buy and use 3rd party options like Theme Forest.

One thing to note here. While the newsletter templates number 700 plus, those for RSS to email are only 11. Taking everything into consideration the templates are capable of meeting your requirements.

Here is a screenshot of the GetResponse templates page.

You can see on the left that there are numerous categories and more than 700 templates.

GetResponse Templates

Segmentation of Data

This is one of the strongest points of GetResponse as it allows you to transmit multiple data segments simultaneously.

This feature is not available in other email marketing apps. Using this feature you’ll be able to decide which segments to send.

Suppose you divided the newsletter into five parts, A, B, C, D and E. Using GetResponse you’ll be able to send messages to segments A, C and E while excluding B.

You can also use the same approach for lists.

If you have 5 mailing lists in the program, you can send mail to persons on all five lists or exclude some.

It is this level of flexibility that you will not find in other email marketing apps and why it is more effective.

If there is a shortcoming to this approach, it is that GetResponse refers to data segmentation as saved searches. It’s hardly an intuitive name but once you get used to it you’ll realize just how useful it can be.

GetResponse Opt-in Processes

There are two ways to add a subscriber, use a double or single opt in procedure.

If you use a single opt in, the user who signs up for your mailing list gets added immediately after they click submit.

If you go for the double opt in, the user is emailed a confirmation link. This link needs to be clicked before the person can be added to your mailing list.

A single opt in is ideal if you want users to be able to subscribe quickly. The quick process also makes a conversion more likely.

A double opt in is more suitable if you want to make certain they’re using genuine email addresses. The double opt in is ideal if you’re looking for stats accuracy and data.

Unlike other email marketing programs, GetResponse offers both as options so you do not have to choose one over the other.

Enabling single GetResponse single opt in is very easy. You simply uncheck the confirmed opt in boxes under preferences as seen below.

GetResponse Single Opt In

Subscriber Lists

Creating a list is straightforward. If your contact list is small, copy and pasting email addresses will do.

File uploading and importing from 3rd party address apps is supported as well.

You can upload via Google Contacts using the upload CSV option. It usually maps names fine though in some cases a custom field may be required.

After you’ve added subscribers you may segment them by open rate, location and other options.

The advanced segmentation allows you to hone in on users via their autoresponder sequences, open and clicks or locations.

The app has a tool that allows you to create forms for website embedding.

You can use this tool for event sign ups, feedback forms, order forms and many others.

Combined with its landing page creator your newsletters can be published on Twitter and/or Facebook.

Creating Landing Pages

Some email marketing apps allow you to create a landing page.

So what makes GetResponse different from the rest?

For one thing there are few in the GetResponse price range that actually offers a landing page creator.

Second, the landing pages it generates are tidy, with clear data capture forms.

No need for a third party creator here.

The Email plan allows you to create one landing page that can be shown 1000 times a month.

More functionality and options are available at thee Pro and Max plans.

The A/B testing function isn’t available on the Email plan though. This feature displays various examples of users’ conversion rates and landing pages.

The Email landing page feature is only for new users. But you have to upgrade to Pro or Max if you want the maximum capabilities.

You can get the landing pages feature as an add on, and while the functionality is basic still gets the job done.

GetResponse Deliverabilty

This refers to the email delivery rate, that is the percentage of emails that are successfully sent to subscriber inboxes.

Needless to say this is absolutely critical and must be considered a top criteria.

Some email marketing programs don’t say anything about their delivery rate, no doubt due to the low percentage.

GetResponse however, is confident enough to say their delivery rate is 99%.

This says a lot about their dependability and confidence in their service.

And the nice thing about this is the program actually shows you the success delivery rate for every message.

It is displayed in analytics and is something you will hardy find in other email marketing apps.

The successful delivery rate is maintained for all the plans. It goes without saying that all your efforts will be for naught if the message isn’t delivered.

Based on my experience there are no issues with the delivery and response times. For the reliability alone, GetResponse is worth a look.

Creating a Marketing Campaign

Two options are available, the HTML tool and the Email Creator tool.

The HTML tool is for advanced users who know how to use codes. The Email Creator tool is the one most people will use. With it you can create mail using the templates or make one from scratch.

Once you’ve created a template you can see a preview of how your newsletter will look on mobile or desktop. You can also use this feature to see how your newsletter appears on different browsers and programs.

You can send the newsletter immediately or at any time you set. You can even configure it too send the newsletter according to your recipient’s local time.

The app also has what it calls Perfect Timing, where it determines the best time of the day to send the newsletter.

It’s a useful feature and can boost conversion rates.

GetResponse CRM Feature

The CRM feature built in GetResponse isn’t going to take the place of a standalone application, but it works well enough for basic needs.

A common complaint with CRM tools is they require data to be exported as CSV before you can perform mailout. Data export from your email marketing program is also needed to create CRM leads.

It’s a very cumbersome process so it’s good to know GetResponse has a CRM tool that simplifies operation. Like I said this isn’t an all around tool but it lets you add contacts and make sales pipelines.

The CRM also makes it easy to track phone calls, emails and other activities with the contacts. A heavy CRM user will probably need a full standalone program, but otherwise this will do just fine.

Keep in mind also that GetResponse plans to add more functions to this CRM tool. So while it’s still in the early stages expect improvements down the line. Features I’d like to see added are email tracking, and pipeline position based message triggers.

The CRM in GetResponse is good for basic needs, but if new features are added as the developer promises, even SMEs will find it more useful.

GetResponse Webinars Feature

This is a relatively new feature that allows the app to host webinars.

More and more email marketers employ webinars to generate leads so it’s nice to have them in one place.

The cost is reasonable too. For $165 you can host one provided your list size is under 25,000. Compare this with the competition that charges $200 a month.

The GetResponse Pro plan allows for 100 attendees while the Max goes for 500 tops. There’s also an option to purchase webinar hosting as an add on. $99 allows for up 500 attendees a month while $40 is good for 100 attendees.

For a beginner the add on option is cheaper. It’s an affordable way to integrate webinars without spending too much money. For larger engagements the Pro or Max plan is more suitable.

Not all email marketing programs use webinars but it’s good to know the feature is there should you need it. In fact it’s a good example of how GetResponse caters to the needs of different users.

Here is a great video about GetResponse Webinars.

GetResponse Review of Support

GetResponse used to have phone support, but it has been replaced with email and 24/7 chat.

Given that most customers prefer email and chat anyway the loss of phone support is no big deal.

Most users haven’t had the chance to call support because the app works fine most of the time.

Those that have tried it say the live chat is better compared to email.

GetResponse also utilizes a huge support knowledge base that is very easy to use and I have found that I can quickly find answers to all of my questions,

Is GetResponse Easy To Use?

GetResponse has a lot of features, but is still easy to use. Even if you’re a first time user you won’t have difficulty performing the basic actions.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to analyze stats (a good thing since there is a lot you can go over). It is just as simple to configure an autoresponder, set up a campaign and import contacts.

These are the functions you’ll be doing most of the time, so it is a good thing to see that GetResponse has made the process easy. Compared to other email marketing apps, it holds up well in the ease of use department.

The programs is not perfect, and one area that could use some improvement is its newsletter editor. It has all the functions you need for a newsletter but it could have been easier to use.

Yes the drag and drop mechanism simplifies a lot of steps, but it takes a bit of getting used to. Drag and drop is great for moving around large content blocks to arrange the layout, but you can also mess things up if you’re not used to it.

Aside from that issue however, GetResponse does well as far as ease of use is concerned. 

GetResponse Pros and Cons

This has been quite a long GetResponse Review. Let's simplify it a little and take a look at the pros and cons of GetResponse.


  • The Email, Pro and Max plans are versatile and give you a lot of options to suit your budget.
  • The Email plan is ideal for new marketers and is more generous compared to competing brands.
  • The savings from paying upfront is significant. The savings are greater compared to other products.
  • The built in CRM offers decent functions and more features will be added.
  • The market automation feature simplifies a lot of marketing work.
  • There’s a 30 day free trial that allows you to use all of its features.
  • The landing page creator is well-designed.
  • Its responsive emails are dependable.
  • You can preview what a page looks like on a mobile device.
  • Single and double opt in options for adding subscribers are available.
  • Its saved searches / data segmentation feature is flexible.
  • Delivery rate is 99%.
  • Its split testing is comprehensive, feature packed and dependable.
  • Webinar plans are competitive.


  • There is no phone support.
  • DKIM authentication available on Max plans.
  • RSS to HTML templates are limited.

GetResponse Review Summary

We have covered a lot of information in this GetResponse Review and I hope that I have answered all of questions that you may have had.

GetResponse was the very first email marketing company that I ever used and I am still with them all these years later.

I have moved some of my lists to other autoresponder companies so that I could review them and compare them to GetResponse.

My findings are that I really like GetResponse. It offers everything that I need in a user friendly interface and at a reasonable price.

Needless to say, I will continue to use GetResponse for my email marketing needs.

Please leave your questions and comments on my GetResponse Review below.

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