Solo Build It Review (Formerly Site Build It)

I think you'll agree with me when I say... It's difficult to find a real, honest Solo Build It review (Formerly Site Build It) online today.

Well, look no further, because you have found one!

Update 2022: I wanted to update this Solo Build It review for 2022 because I have learned some things over the last year that I think should be shared with those of you that are considering joining.

The thing that impressed me the most about Sitesell (the company behind Solo Build It) is that they were able to see the struggle that people were going through during the pandemic and as a result, they lowered their prices so that anyone could afford to start an online business during these unprecedented times.

Click here to see the latest pricing.

Over the past year I have found that a lot of my readers are joining Solo Build It and liking it a lot! I believe it really is a matter of how you learn and what look and feel that you prefer when deciding between Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate. After having used both for a number of years, I still prefer Wealthy Affiliate, but my recommendation to you is to sign up with both for free and decide which one you prefer.

Below you will find an honest Solo Build It Review where I will share my 9 year journey with Solo Build it!

In this Solo Build It Review, I'm simply going to show you what SBI is all about, how it may benefit you, and how it may not.

I am not here to sell you SBI, I'm here to simply show you the facts and let you decide.

I have been with Solo Build It since 2007. I originally had two websites with SBI, but moved one of them out in 2015.

I will elaborate on why I moved the site later in the review.

You will find my full Solo Build It Review directly below where I will reveal absolutely everything about SBI. Click here if you would rather see my Solo Build It review summary.

What is Solo Build It (Formerly Site Build It)?

Solo Build It Review

Solo Build It is a membership site that provides tools and training designed to help you create websites and build an online business.

There is also a forum where you can get answers to questions from other members.

Solo Build It is owned by Ken Evoy.

I've never had the opportunity to interact directly with Mr. Evoy, so I can't really comment on what kind of guy he is.

Which is really kind of strange, because I've been there for more than 9 years.

Another program that I am involved with has even more members than SBI and yet I have had direct conversations with the owners on multiple occasions.

You can see a review of that program here if you would like.

Websites are built with what they call block builder, which I was never a big fan of.

When I first joined in 2007, I didn't like the way the block builder websites looked, so I immediately turned my attention to learning html.

Yea, that sucked, but I was forced to learn html, which still helps me today in my online business.

SBI is finally coming around and now offers a version to be used with WordPress.

Once again, it's too little, too late.

But at least they are trying!

Here is their promotional video where they explain what Solo Build It is.

How Does Solo Build It (Formerly Site Build It) Work?

Sbi works on a business building process that they call C-T-P-M.

  • C stands for Content and encompasses your online presence, including your website and social media pages
  • T stands for Traffic, which your content will attract through a number of sources, including search engines and social media.
  • P stands for Presell, again achieved through your content, you will presell prospects.
  • M stands for Monetize, which is how you will make money from your website.

I'm not going to tell you that this method doesn't work, because it does, but it is not very clearly explained. It can be very confusing to learn and difficult to grasp the concept.

Here's my explanation of how SBI works.

  1. Find a Niche for Your Website - You will need to find a niche that you have an interest in to build your site around.
  2. Build a Website - You will begin to build the site and create content using the block builder, which they now call SiteDesigner.
  3. Attract Traffic and Build Relationships - After you have at least 10 web pages up, you will begin to generate traffic and build relationships with your readers.
  4. Monetize - After you have developed a steady stream of traffic, it is time to monetize.

Keep reading below for a more in depth Solo Build It review!

Is Solo Build It a Scam?

Is Solo Build It a Scam

Is Solo Build It a Scam?

If you have done a Google search for "Site Build It review" or "Solo Build It Review", you have undoubtedly found the review from the woman with the decorating blog that claims Site Build It, now Solo Build It, is a scam.

I'm not sure why she has such a bee in her bonnet, but Solo Build It is not a scam.

It seems that she was unhappy with her experience with SBI and when she tried to voice her concerns online, she was attacked by the SBI Machine.

So... She got into a pissing match with the powers that be at Solo Build It (formerly Site Build It).

The problem with that is the argument that ensued just led to more content for her ugly review and now she's at the top of the results on Google and probably will be for a long time!

I guess the lesson is...

Don't get into a pissing match with an interior decorator!

What's the real story?

The real story is that SBI is not a scam.

It is a real program for helping people build an online business.

However, in my opinion, it is not the best program for creating websites and building real, sustainable online business.

Keep reading this Solo Build It review to find out why.

Click here for an in depth review of my #1 recommendation.

One last thought on "Is Solo Build It a scam?"...

There are many unscrupulous internet marketers out there whose marketing strategy is to say that a program is a scam, simply in order to recommend another program.

I am not one of those marketers.

You will only find me reviewing programs and products that I actually use and know well.

And I will present my reviews with honesty and integrity.

It is what sets apart from other internet marketers and it is a huge reason for the success of my online business.

Enough about me...

Let's move on to the rest of the Solo Build It review!

What are the Pros and Cons of Solo Build It (Formerly Site Build It)?


  • All in one system for creating a website and building an online business.
  • Includes some pretty useful tools like a keyword research tool and content 2.0, which I will explain below.
  • 90 Day Money Back Guarantee, although you do have to pay up front with a credit card.
  • Training is both written and high quality videos.
  • The Forums are very helpful. 


  • No FREE Option to join with no credit card required, like my #1 recommendation.
  • Only one website with your membership. My #1 recommendation offers unlimited websites.
  • Even though they now have a WordPress option, they are still pushing their old SiteDesign system.
  • No direct access to the owner.

The one complaint that I hear the most is that it seems like every explanation is drawn out to 1000 words.

If you are looking for an answer to a specific question, you may have read through thousands of words to find an answer that could have been 100 words long.

One of the mantras, if you will, is to over deliver, but they take it too far.

The training is not easy to understand.

Everything is very wordy.

Almost like they are trying to add words simply to add words, without value.

All of this extra fluff makes it very difficult to find answers to your questions.

Who Can Benefit from Solo Build It?

SBI is mainly for beginners.

Here is a list of people that SBI is designed to help.

  • Stay at home Moms and Dads.
  • Retirees.
  • Students and teens.
  • Local businesses.
  • Anyone that wants to learn how to build a website.

What Training and Tools are Available at Solo Build It?

Solo Build It Review of the training.

The training inside of SBI is called the Action Guide.

It consists of a written guide as well as videos and audio.

The guide is broken down into 10 days plus an introduction...

  • Intro - The 10-Day Big Picture. The concept of 10 days and CTPM uncovered.
  • Day 1 - Master the All Important Basics. Build the foundation of your business right now.
  • Day 2 - Develop Your Best Site Concept. The rest of your business rides on this decision.
  • Day 3 - Brainstorm Profitable Topics. Finish with your site content blueprint in hand.
  • Day 4 - Investigate and Plan Monetization Options. Let's show you the money.
  • Day 5 - Refine Site Concept and Register Domain Name. It's major decision time.
  • Day 6 - Build a site that Gets the Click. Put your hard hat on for the construction phase.
  • Day 7 - Build Free Traffic From a Variety of Sources. The lifeblood of your business.
  • Day 8 - Develop Relationships. Deepen preselling.
  • Day 9 - Know your Visitors. Maximize profits.
  • Day 10 - Monetize. Begin implementing your day 4 monetization plan.

Solo Build It Review of the Tools.

SBI does have a number of pretty cool tools.

  • BrainStorm It - Keyword Research Tool
  • Site Builder - SBI site building tool.
  • Socialize It - Adds social sharing buttons.
  • Face It - Adds a facebook like button.
  • Mobilize It - Mobil Friendliness tool.
  • Content 2.0 - User submitted posts.
  • More.

BrainStorm It is a decent keyword tool although I no longer use it.

I now use Long Tail Pro. It is far superior.

The Site Builder tool is OK for beginners, but you really should consider getting to know WordPress.

Like I said before, SBI has an option for WordPress. You can learn more about that by clicking here.

My favorite SBI tool is Content 2.0.

It is the only reason that I still have one website with SBI.

Content 2.0 is a tool that allows you to publish an invitation on your website that asks your readers to submit their "story".

I have had huge success with this tool!

I have not updated the website that I still have with SBI in years, but it gets updated because readers submit their stories and update it for me!

Of course, I have to approve the contributions before they go live.

But how cool is it that your readers supply the content for your website!

I have recently found a WordPress Plugin that does the same thing, called: User Submitted Posts.

What is the Solo Build It Community Like?

Solo Build It Community

The Solo Build It community exists in the form of a forum.

There are many helpful members in the forums and they cover many different topics.

The problem that I have with the forums is that they have an old and outdated look and feel.

Also it is very difficult to find what you are looking for.

I was thinking that maybe it was just me, so I decided to make a you a video so that you can see the forums and decide for yourself.

Hope it helps!

How Does Solo Build It Compare to Wealthy Affiliate?

This is the age old rivalry of Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a direct competitor of Solo Build It and I am a member of both programs.

They are very similar programs and offer roughly the same things.

The difference is in how the training and communities interact and how the student best learns.

Also, I feel that there is more value with Wealthy Affiliate.

Unfortunately, since joining Wealthy Affiliate, it is very difficult for me to recommend SBI.

It simply is nowhere near as good as Wealthy Affiliate and does not have a free option to join.

See my Solo Build It Review chart below comparing the two programs.

Solo Build It vs Wealthy Affiliate Comparison Chart

Solo Build It Review Conclusion

I can be a little long winded at times, but I hope that I have answered all of your questions in this Solo Build it review, formerly Site Build It Review.

If you still have questions, please post them in the comments below and I will answer them for you.

Do I recommend SBI for beginners and others that want to create websites and build a real, sustainable online business?

I can recommend SBI because it is the right platform for some people. I spent almost ten years there and I was successful, but I can't help but think that I would have found more success sooner if I had found Wealthy Affiliate first.

My #1 Recommendation is Wealthy Affiliate. See my complete review here.

It is so much better than Solo Build It.

I honestly believe that you will not find a better place to learn to build a real, sustainable online business. 

Join me for free inside Wealthy Affiliate and let me help you build your dreams today!

I hope that you have found this Solo Build It review, formerly Site Build It Review helpful.

See my Solo Build It Review Summary in the box below.

Solo Build It Review Summary

Product Name: Solo Build It! Formerly Site Build I!

Website: SiteSell.com

Product Type: Membership site designed to help anyone create websites and build a profitable business.

Price: $299 year, or $29.99 month

Summary: I learned a lot from SBI when I joined back in 2007, but they have not kept up with the times. There are much better options today that do everything that SBI does, only they do it much better.

Final Verdict: Solo Build it, is a very comprehensive program that teaches you how to build an online business. I still recommend it, but there is a better option.

Please leave your questions and comments on the Solo Build It review below.

11 thoughts on “Solo Build It Review (Formerly Site Build It)”

  1. JV,
    This is great thorough information so that people can make an informed decision on what will work out best for them.

    Wealthy Affiliate has been one of the best investments I have ever made for myself. Besides the real, try before you buy training, the community, and unlimited learning are the greatest.

    Glad we are a Team

    • Hi Sayra,

      Thanks for the comment.

      I’m glad that you enjoyed the Site Build It review. I’ve been a member there since 2007, and while I learned a lot there in that time, it just doesn’t provide the kind of value that Wealthy Affiliate does.

      Thanks again Sayra!


  2. All i can say is WOW thats an awesome site very informative and if i was not already signed up with wealthy affiliate i would have because of this information. but it was nice to read very easy to navigate.

    • Hi Stacey,

      Thanks for the kind words.

      I am glad that you have found Wealthy Affiliate. It is the only program that you need for online success.


  3. I was also a user of both, but unlike you, i had very limited success with both. Wealthy Affiliate offers a free option, but let’s face it, there is very limited value to the free option. I also felt that with Wealthy affiliate, the teaching / training was pathetic, incredibly incomplete at best. I felt SBI had far better training. Nothing at Wealthy Affiliate can compare with the Action Guide.

    • Hi Robert,

      Thank you for your insightful comment!

      I’m sorry that you had very limited success. I have had great success with both Solo Build It and Wealthy Affiliate.

      You don’t mention if you ever joined WA Premium, which offers very high quality training as well as incredible hosting for up to 25 websites(I currently have 15 websites hosted with WA).

      I also had very good success with Solo Build It, but they only provide hosting for 1 website, so for years I had to pay for 2 subscriptions to SBI in order to host 2 websites there.

      As my business grew and I needed more hosting, I started looking around and that is when I found Wealthy Affiliate. It was the perfect solution to my growing business.

      I am finding that choosing Solo Build It or Wealthy Affiliate is really a matter of personal preference. Some of my readers choose SBI and Some choose WA.

      My advice is to sign up for both and have a good look inside of the program and decide which platform best fits you.

      Thanks again Robert, for sharing your insight.


  4. I spent a few years with Site Build It. They did teach me some decent skills about keyword research, picking a good niche, and creating high quality content. For that, I am very grateful.

    I built up a website with about two thousand pages of content. I worked on my website around the clock for about 2 years. The theme was network marketing, which is still my # 1 passion today.

    I got destroyed by the Panda and Penguin updates and lost most of my traffic to my website in 2011 and 2012. It was because I did some bad linking strategies, and a combination of other things (some in my control / some out of my control).

    In 2013, I started over, but with WordPress and entirely new content. I decided to keep the same niche. I love WordPress. It is much easier to use, although it does not give you instructions about the details of building a website (or overall strategy) like SBI does.

    Lots of people have left SBI and moved their websites elsewhere. Lots of people have also stayed with Site Build It. I say, to each their own.

    Overall, the experience was good and I would recommend it for someone who is brand new to building websites and making money online. The value you get for the $300 per year is a good deal in my opinion.

    On the flip side of the coin, I have never worked with Wealthy Affiliate, and cannot speak to that.

    • Hi Chuck,

      Thanks for the awesome comment!

      I started at SBI back in 2007. I have still have 2 websites that I built with the knowledge and training that they provided.

      Both of those sites are still thriving and making money, but they are no longer with SBI.

      I agree that the experience at SBI was a good one and some people prefer the platform over Wealthy Affiliate.

      I personally prefer Wealthy Affiliate, but Solo Build it does offer some good training for beginners and is a good place to start if you have little knowledge about building an online business.

      By the way, they also have an SBI for WordPress now!

      Anyway, thanks again Chuck for sharing your opinion and adding value to the review!


  5. JV

    I appreciate your balanced point of view. I am a long time SBI user and agree completely with the criticism of the over wordiness of their training material. But that said I have found their technical support team to be very helpful and responsive to specific issues. Also the folks on the forum are very helpful.

    But my major problem may not be unique to SBI. I have a real problem with writing to please a search engine as opposed to real human beings. Moreover I have come to see Google as a pay to play racket. Paid advertisers are going to beat out non-paying sites every time. If there is a scam I think it is Google that is doing the scamming.

    Mike E.

    • Hey Mike,

      Thanks for commenting on my SBI Review!

      I don’t disagree with your assessment of Google, but unfortunately we can only be successful by playing Google’s game for now.

      Many of my readers love SBI and many love Wealthy Affiliate. I think it all depends on how you learn, which determines which platform you prefer.

      Thanks again Mike!



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