What I’m Doing Now

Hey Guys JV here,

Just wanted to give you all an update about what I’m doing right now.


I am continuing to work on my affiliate sites and I am seeing a steady increase in traffic and sales.

One of the things that I am working on is trying to move my traffic from Amazon to other affiliate programs that pay better. This is working to some extent.

The conversion rate is much lower, but the commission is much higher with the other affiliates.

Only time will tell if this strategy is going to pay off. If not, I always switch back to sending my traffic to Amazon.

I also keep refining my Wealthy Affiliate review.


My wife and I have recently moved to sunny Naples Florida!

We absolutely love it!

Life is very different here than it was living in Connecticut.

The pandemic is looked at very differently here. There is no lockdown. There is very little mask wearing and it is like everyone is free once again.

We will see how this great experiment works out, but I can tell you that bars and restaurants are fully open here. There are large social gatherings and there are not a lot of people sick. When someone does get the virus, it seems to be a very mild case.

My thoughts on this, and I have no proof, is that maybe the exposure to all the sunshine results in large amounts of vitamin D in the system, which fights the virus.

Again, just conjecture on my part.

Anyway, I just wanted to fill you in on what I’m doing now!