Long Tail Pro Tutorial

If you are a blogger or affiliate marketer, then surely you understand the importance of proper keyword research for getting your content on the first page of google.. In this Long Tail Pro tutorial, I am going to walk you through how to use Long Tail Pro to find high quality keywords that you can actually rank for.

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Keyword research is so much more than just finding a keyword that a lot of people search for, which is why you are really wasting your time with the google keyword planner.

Let me explain…

Long Tail Pro allows you to analyze the competition for specific keyword as well as analyze the keyword itself.

Once we have determined what mistakes that our competitors are making, we can exploit those mistakes and rank ahead of the competition for the same keyword!

Writing content without keyword research is like digging for treasure without a treasure map! It's pointless!

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I have a number of different niche websites and have used many different keyword research tools, but only Long Tail Pro provides the data needed to properly analyze potential keywords.

Let's get started...

Long Tail Pro Tutorial

long tail pro tutorial

Step 1: Download Long Tail Pro

As soon as you purchase Long Tail Pro you will receive an email containing your login information for the members area, where you will find the download link and the video tutorials for downloading and setting up your software.

download long tail pro

Step 2: Set up Long Tail Pro

Once you have downloaded and installed Long Tail Pro, you will then need to integrate the software with Google and Moz.

This is a very simple process that requires a free google account and a free Moz API account.

Go to Moz.com and sign up for your free account. Follow the instructions on the page and then copy and paste your Access ID and Secret Key in Long Tail Pro.

Long Tail Pro Tutorial

Step 3: Create Project

Go up to the left hand corner and click on the plus sign to add a project. You can have as many projects as you like.

This can be very helpful for organizing your keywords, either by website or by topic. It is completely up to you.

Enter a project title and click create project.

Create project long tailpro

Step 4: Add a Seed Keyword

Click on the find keywords button and that will open up a small window where you can enter one or more seed keywords.

Once you enter a seed keyword, click on the generate keywords and fetch data button and the software will generate up to 800 related keywords and all of the pertinent data associated with those keywords.

Long Tail Pro Tutorial

The first time that add a seed keyword and click on generate keywords and fetch data, you will be prompted to add your google account information.

A google account is free. If you don't have one, simply go to google.com and sign up. You can then enter your email and password when prompted.

You will only have to do this the first time and then Long Tail Pro will store the information for you.

Long Tail Pro Tutorial

Now you will have a list of keywords generated from your seed keyword.

For this Long Tail Pro tutorial, I used "best knife" as my seed keyword. Long Tail Pro generated 484 keywords related to "best knife"

Here's what I did next. The numbers below correlate to the numbers in the graphic.

  1. I filtered the results by adding the word "best". Long Tail Pro will filter in real time, as you type, only including results containing your filter.
  2. I sorted the results by local searches. You can sort the results by clicking on any of the categories in the top row.
  3. I calculated the average keyword competitiveness for keywords that I was interested in. When you hover your mouse over the average keyword competitiveness column, a calculate button appears. Simply click the calculate button.
Long Tail Pro Tutorial

Step 5: Analyze Your Competition

This is where Long Tail Pro Shines! It not only allows us to analyze the keywords, it also allows us to analyze our competitors that are ranking for the keyword!

For the purposes of this Long Tail Pro tutorial, we are using the Platinum version of the software, which has the features that we need for our in depth analysis.

Our analysis starts with the average keyword competitiveness value, which is found in the column on the far right side.

Anything under 40 deserves a closer look. Anything under 30 gets me excited and anything under 20 is like printing money!

Once we find a keyword with an average keyword competitiveness that meets our criteria, we simply click on the keyword to reveal the top ranking pages for that keyword along with the other valuable data that we can analyze, as seen below.

long tail pro screenshot

Before we analyze this keyword further, let's talk a little bit about Search Engine Optimization, or SEO. 

We are going to analyze our competitors SEO to see if we can move up past them by utilizing better SEO than they are using.

Here is what we are going to look at:

  • Targeted keyword used in the title
  • Targeted keyword used in the page URL
  • Number of links to the page
  • Number of juice links to the page

Obviously there is much more to SEO than these factors, but in depth SEO is well beyond the scope of this Long Tail Pro tutorial.

We can also look at page authority, domain authority, Moz rank and site age, but our main focus will be on the SEO points above.

Let's do some further analysis on the keyword, "best pocket knife".

  1. The first factor that we are going to look for is an exact match for the targeted keyword in the title of the page. The targeted keyword is highlighted in Long Tail Pro. If the targeted keyword is not an exact match, then that is a weakness that we can exploit.
  2. Keyword competitiveness. Realistically, keyword competitiveness must be under 40 and I like to see at least 3 results under 20.
  3. Page Links. The next factor we will look at is page links. These are links coming to the page from all sources. The fewer the better as this has a big impact on SEO.
  4. Juice Links. These are links from authority sites and they carry a huge amount of weight with google. Ideally, I like to see at least 3 results with 0 juice links if I am going to rank easily for the keyword.

You can see each of these in the graphic below.

long tail pro tutorial

Let's analyze each of the four factors.

1. We can see that a number of the top ranking pages are not targeting the exact keyword - "best pocket knife". That is very encouraging and prompts us to continue our analysis.

2. We can see that we have a number of keyword competitiveness values under 30, and 2 under 20. I like to see at least 3 under 20, but it is still encouraging so let's move on.

3. The first negative thing that I notice about this keyword is that the page links are fairly strong. There are a couple of pages that are fairly week, but overall, this keyword is pretty strong in the page links. You'll notice that there is a 0 that I did not circle. That belongs to Amazon and sites like Amazon are very difficult to out rank. I'm not saying that you can't do it, but there are certainly easier targets.

4. As we look at the juice links, we can see that there is only one non Amazon page that has 0 juice links. I like to see multiple zeros when I am looking for an easy target keyword.

Overall, I would put this keyword into the fairly difficult to rank for category.

We would have to write a kick ass, search engine optimized post and spend a lot of time building quality backlinks, but it could be done.

And with a search volume of almost 10,000 per month, it could definitely be worth it!

Unless you already have an established authority site in your niche, you are going to be much better off going for the low hanging fruit.

Let's see if we can find an easier keyword to target in the "best knife" category.

We can see that "best camping knife" has an average keyword competitiveness value of 21. Let's click on it and see what we can find.

long tail pro tutorial

Holy low hanging fruit Batman!

This is a money keyword that we could very easily rank in the top 10 for, and maybe even number one!

Let's look closer..

1. We can see in the graphic above that not one of the top ranked pages in google are targeting the exact keyword, "best camping knife"!

2. In the keyword competitiveness column there are five results below 20 and  eight below 30!

3. In the page links column, six are less than 10, eight are less than 20 and they are all less 30!

4. In the juice links column, six have 1 or less juice links and none of the pages have more than 5!

This keyword that we have stumbled upon in this Long Tail Pro tutorial is a perfect example of the kind of money keywords that are still out there for the taking.

If you were in the outdoor niche, or the camping niche, this keyword could make you a fortune!

This keyword has a monthly search volume of 720! That's huge for a keyword that a relative beginner could rank for.


In this Long Tail Pro tutorial I have taken you step by step through the process of finding, and more importantly, analyzing potential money keywords with Long Tail Pro.

There are literally thousands of money keywords out there that can be targeted and dominated by anyone willing to take the time to do the research, find the keyword and provide the quality content to rank for that keyword.

I hope that you have enjoyed this Long Tail Pro tutorial. Hopefully, you learned from it and can take away some new found knowledge and find your own keywords.

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Check out this Long Tail pro Infographic that outlines the pros and cons of this awesome software.

long tail pro review

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