Publish Academy Review

My Publish Academy Review and Bonus!

As one of Anik Singal’s top students, I am distinctly qualified to provide an unmatched, unbiased, real Publish Academy review.

I have the unique perspective of having gone through Anik’s training and experienced all of the pros and cons along the way.

Publish Academy Review

Yes, that’s me, number 2 student behind Rito, and yes that is a screenshot inside the Academy.

What is Publish Academy?

As you will learn in this Publish Academy review, Publish Academy is an extremely intensive training program designed to teach you how to take your hobby or passion and turn it into a successful online business.

As you can see in the screenshot above, Publish Academy will be made up of 2 Phases.

First I will give you a summary of my Publish Academy review along with all of my best bonuses.
You can scroll down below to find my extremely detailed Publish Academy review.

Publish Academy Review Summary and Bonus.

Product Name: Publish Academy

Creator: Anik Singal

Price: $797 for “GOLD” level, 3 payments of $797 or 1 payment of $1997 for “PLATINUM” level

Release Date: October, 2015

My Recommendation: Pass on Publish Academy and Join me at Wealthy Affiliate.

What you’ll get.

  • Over 70 in depth videos explaining every detail of each lesson.
  • Printable PowerPoint slides, transcript and checklist for each video.
  • All of the software and tools that you will need.
  • A forum constantly manned by Publish Academy coaches.
  • Weekly live training webinars.
  • Bi weekly live coaching Q&A sessions with coaches.
  • FREE tickets to Live events!
  • Done for you bonuses and so much more!
Ready for More?

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Here is a Look Inside Publish Academy with Anik Singal’s Welcome Message!

My Publish Academy Review Bonuses!

Like I said earlier, I am one of Anik Singal’s top students and that allows me to offer a perspective that you can’t get anywhere else! I’ve been through this training and I know the hurdles that you are going to face and the strategies to overcome them!

Publish Academy Review Bonuses are no longer available because Publish Academy is now a free course.

Bonus #1: One hour of one on one coaching with me, Anik’s top student! Nobody else can offer this! I will give you one hour of coaching, broken down any way you choose. 4 fifteen minute calls or 2 thirty minute calls or 1 hour long call, your choice! I can help you succeed and get over any humps that you may encounter. (Available to Platinum members only)($1000 Value)

Bonus #2: One year of email support! Again, no one else can offer this! Direct access to the personal email of Anik’s top student…Me!(Available to Platinum members only)($1500 Value)

Bonus #3: FREE WordPress Installation! You are going to need a website or blog. I will install WordPress and all of the important plugins for you so that you can focus on creating content! (Priceless!) I wish someone had done this for me!

Bonus #4: FREE WPTrainMe! I will install WPTrainMe at my expense! WPTrainMe is a premium WordPress plugin that consists of hundreds of tutorials answering every question that you can imagine about how to use WordPress! If I had this when I started, it would have shortened the learning curve by months!

Bonus #5: FREE copy of my book, “7 Steps to Making Your First $1000 Online”! 7 actionable steps described in deep detail. These are the same 7 steps used by all top internet marketers!

Bonus#6: FREE Video Series, Mastering Facebook! In this video series, you will learn all of the ins and outs of advertising on the world’s most powerful advertising platform where you can reach over 1.5 BILLION users!

Bonus #7: FREE Instagram Marketing Made Easy! Learn how to take advantage of this HUGE market! This training consists of an Instagram marketing guide along with 14 step by step videos, a resource PDF, a mind map and a checklist to follow!

Bonus #8: My 3 Book Series on Generating Massive Traffic! Yes you get all three books, FREE Website Traffic Methods, Web Traffic Flood, and The Traffic Generation Personality Type!

Bonus #9: FREE Training Video Series on Finding Money Keywords! Finding and using proper keywords is essential to your success online. This training goes in depth on how to find money keywords that matter!

Bonus #10: FREE Copy of Blog Authority! Blog Authority is a comprehensive step by step guide on how to start a blog for profit and build a raving community!

Bonus #11: FREE Copy of Niche Authority! Niche Authority is an ebook with all the strategies for determining which niche is the best for you to start your online business!

Stay tuned, there are many more Publish Academy Review bonuses to come!

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As if that wasn’t enough, there are many extras included in Publish Academy.

Publish Academy review of the extras.

Publish Academy also includes:

  • Coaching Calls
  • Special live events
  • Special FREE training webinars
  • An awesome forum moderated by Publish Academy coaches
  • Bi weekly live Q&A with Publish Academy coaches
  • 90 days of Free autoresponder
  • “Done for you” Bonuses and more!

As you can see, this is extremely comprehensive training and these guys have left nothing on the table.

If you ever thought that you might like to build an online business, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn everything you need to know from the best in the industry!

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2 thoughts on “Publish Academy Review”

  1. Hi,
    As you have experienced both WA and Anik’s training, my question to you is – what is the difference? What is better for beginners and why?

    • Hi Mary,

      Great question!

      The main difference between Anik’s training and Wealthy Affiliate is that WA is much more all encompassing.

      Anik’s training is very targeted and expensive, although very good.

      With WA you get not only all the training, but also really high quality hosting and more.

      For the beginner, I would have to say Wealthy Affiliate is better for that reason.

      When you want to learn more about one subject, then Anik’s training is recommended.

      Thanks again for the great question Mary!



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