Top Sources of Ready Made Niche Websites for Sale

So you think that you may want to buy a ready made niche website.

There is a huge amount of money to be made in affiliate marketing with a niche website, but creating that website and filling it with high quality content can be a daunting task.

Here’s the problem…

There are literally thousands of unscrupulous marketers out there that have ready made niche websites for sale.

Unfortunately, some are just trying to scam you out of your money by selling you a ready made niche website that is exactly the same as the sites they have sold to countless others.

So I have painstakingly researched and purchased ready made niche websites from many different sources in order to determine the best suppliers available to you today.

Let’s face it…

A Google search will show you the best search engine optimized purveyors of ready made niche websites, but it will not necessarily show you the best and most trustworthy sites with ready made niche websites for sale.

All of the businesses below have ready made niche websites for sale in specific niches, or they will build you a ready made website in the niche of your choice.

I have used the services of these businesses and can recommend them without hesitation.

Human Proof Designs is owned and operated by my good friend Dom Wells and is a hugely successful business because they care about their customers and they are in it for the long haul as opposed to trying to make a fast buck, unlike some of the sites you will find with a google search.

I met Dom inside Wealthy Affiliate when I was doing research for my article on Wealthy Affiliate Success Stories.

Dom ended up being one of my featured success stories as he had founded Human Proof Designs in 2014 and had achieved sales of almost $700,000 in 2016!

You don’t achieve that kind of growth without being very good at what you do!

Dom has grown much more than that since then and now has hired staff to help handle the growth.

Heres a great video from my friend Dom Wells about why he started Human Proof Designs and how he can help you to succeed in affiliate marketing.

Ready Made Niche Websites For Sale at Human Proof Designs

Human proof designs offers three different packages of turnkey niche websites for sale.

1. Ready Made Niche Websites
2. Custom Ready Made Niche Websites
3. Aged Ready Made Niche Websites

Let’s break them down and see which turnkey niche website package is right for you.

Ready Made Niche Websites

Human Proof Designs knows what works and what doesn’t in affiliate marketing. They know how to do the research and find the most profitable niches and keywords.

They also know how to create high quality content that will convert visitors into buyers.

The Human Proof Designs Ready Made Niche Website Process.

Human Proof Designs follows a tried and tested process for creating turnkey niche websites that will allow beginners and experts alike to succeed in these niches.

High Quality Affiliate Website Design

Every affiliate website they create has a professional eye catching design that is completely unique. They start with their proven high converting HPD templates and change color schemes and add images to build one of a kind, ready made niche websites.

Niche and Market Research

HPD has a team of highly trained and experienced niche researchers whose only job is to uncover niches that are profitable and have room for competition and earnings. They also research the products available to promote in the niche and the ultimate profitability of the ready made niche website.

Keyword Research

Once they have determined that a niche is profitable enough and worth building a turnkey niche website, they will begin some in depth keyword research in order to find the most profitable words and phrases that people are searching for on Google. They will then use those keywords to create high quality content to rank for the site.

Provide High Quality Content

HPD employs a staff of writers that have years of experience creating search engine optimized content that is loved by visitors to the site and Google. These articles will bring tons of targeted free traffic to your turnkey niche website. All of the content supplied by HPD is search engine optimized and more importantly, user friendly and designed for conversions.

Heres What you Get with a Ready Made Niche Website from Human Proof Designs.

1. High Quality Ready Made Niche Website

You get a 100% original, well researched website with original content that is search engine optimized and ready to rank. Your turnkey niche website will include all of the best premium plugins at no additional cost to you.

2. Comprehensive Training

Comprehensive training is included with every ready made niche website that HPD sells. This is some of the best training in the industry. Here are some of the training modules.

  • Hosting
  • Keyword Research
  • WordPress
  • Setting Affiliate Links
  • Social Media
  • Outsourcing
  • Plug-ins
  • 6 Month Detailed Plan
  • Getting Your First Sale
  • Link Building
  • PBN Training
  • Content

...and MORE! They are always adding new training

I’d like to stress here that this affiliate marketing training alone is worth the cost of the ready made niche websites for sale!

3. Free Ongoing Support

This is the best part and one of the top reasons that I recommend HPD as the number one source for ready made niche websites for sale.

Unlike other purveyors of turnkey niche websites, Human Proof Designs offer free ongoing support for life. If your not happy, they’re not happy!

• Free On-Going Tech Support

• Email Support

• 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

• Lifetime Access to Training Library

Ready Made Niche Websites For Sale

Custom Ready Made Niche Websites

In addition to the ready made niche websites, HPD also offers custom niche websites.

Here’s how it works.

You have a passion or hobby that you want to turn into a profitable niche website.

You tell HPD what niche you would like and they will do the research and determine if in fact it is a potentially profitable niche!

You can then decide whether to have them build you a custom ready made niche website using that topic or you can give them another topic to research.

They do all of the difficult and important work for you!

Once you have decided on a niche, they will build your website and include all of the same features as the ready made niche websites above.

Aged Ready Made Niche Websites

This is probably my favorite option for ready made niche websites.

You get all of the same features as above, but these sites have been built and indexed and already climbing up the rankings.

If you know anything about Google, you are aware that age is a factor in the Google rankings, so these sites have a distinct advantage over other turnkey niche websites.

Here’s what you get with the aged ready made niche websites

Loaded with Content

Over 16000 words of high quality content that is a mixture of informational articles, review articles, and top 10 posts.

Premium Themes

HPD uses premium themes from Thrive Themes, Elegant Themes and others. These premium themes are included in the cost of the Aged turnkey niche websites.

Premium Plugins

All of the top premium plugins are included as well, such as Thrive Architect, EasyAzon, Wordfence, Prettylink, and more.

Social Media Accounts

Human Proof Designs has also set up and will give you the login details for social media accounts belonging to the aged sites.

They even throw in a nice logo to go with them.

Ebook Lead Magnet

HPD also has a custom eBook written for every aged ready made website.

This is a unique guide that you can give away as a lead magnet to grow your email list.

They even set it up for you and add opt-in forms to the site.

Existing Rankings

In addition to the keyword research reports supplied with all ready made niche websites, HPD will supply you with current ranking reports that show you exactly which keywords have started ranking. Allowing you to focus your time and energy in the most productive places.

Click here for an awesome example of an aged website that is currently making money and ranking!

Aged Ready Made Niche Websites for Sale

SerpChampion Ready Made Niche Websites

SERPchampion was started by my good friend Patrick Babakhanian and is another one of my top choices for Ready Made Niche Websites.

Patrick started his company for many of the same reasons as Dom. They both saw a need to offer a reputable service that was providing real value in an industry that was full of scammers.

I have used Patrick’s services and can attest to the fact that they are very good at what they do and strive to be the best.

SERPchampion has risen to the top of the industry for turnkey niche websites by going above and beyond and providing real value to their customers.

Here is a great video about what SERPchampion has to offer for their clients.

Here’s What You Get with a SERPchampion Ready Made Niche Website

  • Profitable niche, that has been thoroughly researched for you
  • Researched for easy keywords with high search volume
  • Promote top-converting products that offer value
  • Premium-grade content from native English speakers
  • Beautifully-designed, user-friendly website
  • Professionally optimized for 100s of keywords

The SERPchampion Turnkey Niche Website Process

You choose the turnkey niche website package that fits your budget.

Your ready made niche website is delivered in 24 hours. If you prefer to have a custom made niche website, SERPchampion will deliver within 10 days.

Start ranking your turnkey niche website and start making money in as little as 90 days.

SERPchampion Ready Made Niche Websites

What’s Included with a SERPchampion Turnkey Niche Website?

Thoroughly Researched Niches - This is what sets the successful affiliate marketers on the right path. You have to have a niche that has the potential to be profitable. SERPchampion has done the research to find niches that you can dominate with low competition and high-converting offers.

Unique Site Design - Every ready made niche website is a completely uniques design with premium themes and plugins that will impress and convert your visitors.

Effective SEO - You will have a professionally built website that is search engine optimized with proven SEO strategies.

Top Quality Content - SERPchampion employs a staff of english speaking writers that are experienced at writing for both the search engines and your website visitors, resulting in high rankings and high conversions.

Simple Monetization - All that you have to do is to plug in your affiliate links from reliable sources like Amazon, ClickBank and others.

Training that is Focused on ROI - All ready made niche websites come with a training guide that is focused on return on investment so that you get the most possible from your website.

Support After the Sale - SERPchampion provides award winning service after the sale. Their main goal is for you to be successful so that you will recommend them to others.

If you are looking for the top sources of ready made niche websites for sale, you need not look any further than the two businesses listed above.

I have used the services of many businesses offering turnkey niche websites over the years and these are the only two that I would use again and can recommend without hesitation

When you decide to use either Human Proof Designs or SERPchampion for your ready made niche websites, you will undoubtably meet Dom Wells and Patrick Babakhanian and you will immediately see why they are successful in their chosen fields.

Do me a favor and tell them that I sent you!

I hope that you have found this article helpful.

Please leave your questions and comments below.

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